Industry Engagement is Key

I recently heard a motivational speaker say, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” I couldn’t agree more and, in that vein, I’ve launched this blog as a repository for my thoughts on why passion and focus underpin my ambitions, goals and excitement about my candidacy for IEEE 2017 President-Elect. I encourage you to engage in my postings here over the coming months and welcome your valued input.

Even though I have developed far-reaching relationships within IEEE on a global scale, I think its also very important that voting IEEE members are well informed on my past experience and my intent as we work together to advance and elevate the organization’s profile worldwide.

A basis to my platform is that we need to understand that IEEE is at a tipping point for future growth. While we are still growing, the rate of growth is not what it has been in recent years. Now is the time to be proactive in charting a course that will further enhance IEEE’s leadership position and ensure the organization remains at the forefront of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

One area I believe essential to increase IEEE’s value proposition to its membership is to foster greater industry engagement. By leveraging our leadership position to become an even greater educational and career building resource for industry, we will not only increase membership, we will position IEEE to be more closely tied to rapidly evolving markets. Through my leadership roles in industry, and within IEEE itself, I have gained a good deal of understanding and insight on workforce-related issues, and I have developed a plan for IEEE to become more of a career development partner to industry. A proven model within the organization is mentorship programs, and I would look to expand these and make them more visible and accessible for all. Other areas where we can foster greater engagement are through seminars, tutorials, tailored certificate courses, multi-disciplinary training and educational packages that meet members’ needs for their career progression.

A firm understanding of how IEEE can better engage industry and build more collaborative efforts is of extreme importance to a comprehensive and viable plan – one that can greatly enhance IEEE’s value proposition. In effect, by better organizing, accessing and packaging the resources we already have on hand, and leveraging existing relationships, IEEE can also increase its value to industry as an informative resource on emerging technology sectors and markets.

Another area of focus that is fundamental to IEEE’s ongoing success, and increasing industry engagement, is initiating new and more value-added ways to manage, access and analyze the vast amount of IEEE information available. My platform will focus on developing more collaborative and more insightful ways to offer information to IEEE’s membership and to industry as a whole. By building a thorough and effective data-mining platform that delivers actionable insights to industry and others, IEEE will become an even greater source of trusted information that’s contemporized for application today. This is something that has to be prioritized as we move the organization forward.

Industry engagement is just one of the many areas where I’m bringing my passion and focus to bear as I share my ambitions and goals with you and work to gain your trust and endorsement as IEEE 2017 President-Elect. I will be checking back in to share more fundamentals to my platform next month. In the meantime, if you have any questions or insights to share, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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