An Inspirational Journey

Throughout this IEEE 2017 President-Elect campaign, I have had the fulfilling opportunity to meet with IEEE members from around the world. Their shared insights and enthusiasm for our Institute has been an inspiring and motivational force behind my platform and, as we reach the end of the voting period, I’m so very thankful to have had a lot of input, encouragement and support along the way.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who took the time to look at the issues we are facing, and for helping identify those that need to be addressed to advance IEEE for the future. More importantly, a very big thanks for having taken the time to vote in this election. It is your engagement that has made this election and campaign an inspirational journey for me. I am hopeful for a positive outcome and the opportunity to follow through on my commitment to you all, and to apply my leadership experience so that IEEE continues to grow and become an even more relevant force advancing technology toward a better tomorrow for all the people of the world.

For those who’ve read my blog postings here, you may have noticed that I often also find inspiration in quotes from influential people throughout history. As we are reaching the culmination of this election, one quote that comes to mind, and that has often been cited by writers, lyricists, politicians and others, originates with the Roman philosopher and statesmen Seneca who famously said, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” That is a profound thought, and no matter the outcome of this election it has been a rewarding experience to see the commitment and drive from the many diverse and highly educated individuals who make up our Institute. As I’ve often said, “working together is always the best starting point.”

Thank you again for your support and for voting for the IEEE 2017 President-Elect.


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